The „Vuichard Advanced Helicopter Training“

A huge improvement in your operational safety

The only helicopter training that focuses entirely on the prevention of classical helicopter incidents and accidents

These safety trainings can be offered on the following helicopter types. R22, R44 , R66, Bell 206, Bell505, Bell 407, H125.

We use state of the art « Loft Dynamics » simulators for each specific exercise to enable the trainee to reach the required skill level in helicopter control and decision making before the training is conducted on the aircraft.

These safety trainings are conducted by Claude Vuichard himself or by instructors who are trained for the specific exercises and are approved by "Vuichard Advanced Helicopter Training".


Bell 206A  as a training helicopter for CHF 14.90/min RTT only, Flight Instructor included 

The Bell 206A is mainly used for training purposes, which allows me to offer very attractive prices for advanced training.
Depending on your preferences, training can be conducted on the following helicopters, in collaboration with local Swiss ATO’s
R22, R44, R66, H125, Bell 505, Bell 407, AW109 (for IFR training).

The Vuichard Flight Training sessions are operated from  Grenchen-Airport, Switzerland (LSZG), Berne–Airport (LSZB) in Belp, Switzerland or other sites depending on the type of aircraft sought.

For the best possible results I also offer simulator training. 


Training package Bell 206 A

For a training package >10h the price is CHF 13.90/min  RTT only, Flight Instructor included


High Altitude Safety Training

The program includes approaches and landings at official mountain landing sites as well as emergency procedures at high altitude. Flying in the Swiss Alps presents many challenges for pilots of all levels. My training will ensure that pilots improve their skills, from situational awareness to decision making and flight maneuvers.


Advanced Mountain Flying Techniques

Dynamic Approaches 

  • Dynamic approaches require the least power.
  • The decision to land  or escape can be postponed just before  the landing site.
  • There is no danger of  a Vortex Ring State during a dynamic  approach.
  • Downdrafts can be compensated by stored kinetic energy.
  •  It is a demanding maneuver which must be learned and practiced.

Demonstration of the efficiency of the Vuichard Recovery Technique