Special Training for Flight Instructors

This safety course is designed specifically for flight instructors.
In this one-day seminar you will learn in two hours the different Vuichard techniques such as:

  • Vuichard Recovery Technique
  • Autorotation techniques, normal, low speed, upslope
  • Path correction  technique in autorotation
  • Quick stop straight and 180° turn
  • Techniques for slope landings
  • UIMC recovery techniques
  • Flashing  fog recovery 

Two hours of practical flight  training on the Bell 206A


Price of daily safety  training including 2 hours of lecture  and 2 hours of practical training on Bell 206A of all  Vuichard Techniques:

CHF 1999.- only  

RMK: price for practical training on other helicopter types ( R22, R44, Bell505, Bell 407, H125 ) on request